Top Reasons To Only Buy From Fristam Pump Distributors

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

When it comes to installing a new sanitary processing system or replacing a current pump, one of the top brands to consider if Fristam. As with most of these sanitary system pumps, they are available in several different locations online and in various suppliers, but shopping with Fristam pump distributors has its advantages.

It is important to avoid buying cheap Fristam pumps through online auction sites or through third-party sellers that are not recognized Fristam pump distributors. This poses a greater risk of getting a used or remanufactured pump that is being sold as a new unit. Often these listings are written in such a way to be easy to misunderstand the quality and condition of the pump on offer.

Product Knowledge and Expertise

Buying from an approved Fristam pump distributors has other advantages besides assuring authentic, new Fristam pumps. One of the most important to consider is the assistance the distributor can offer.

It is helpful when ordering a new pump to take a careful look at the past pump’s performance and to discuss any issues or problems experienced during operation. The sales staff will provide you with accurate information and advice to choose the best model to address these issues and provide quality performance.

Customer Support and Service

Along with assistance in choosing the ideal model, the distributor can provide customer support and often technical help over the phone. These companies have been in the sanitary process industry for years, and sales staff can typically provide insight into common problems during installation or operation, saving a service call.

Parts For Delivery

All pumps are eventually going to need parts. When you work with a recognized distributor for Fristam pumps, getting parts won’t be a problem. These companies usually keep a good inventory of commonly replaced parts and ship overnight, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

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