Top Ways That a Doctor Can Diagnose Ligament or Tendon Injuries in Phoenix

If you have concerns that you have suffered an injury due to being in an extreme amount of pain, you are also probably wondering how is tendon and ligament pain diagnosed by medical professionals. In fact, there are several ways that they will go about doing this.

Medical History

The first thing that a doctor will do is to ask you for detailed information about your medical history. Inquiries about such things as any past injuries, what you do for a job, whether or not you participate in any sports, as well as if you have any underlying conditions before joint pain treatment in Phoenix, AZ is recommended.

Physical Examination

The next step of how is tendon and ligament pain diagnosed by medical professionals is probably also the most obvious one. A thorough physical examination is performed to deduce where exactly the pain is emanating from as well as the potential severity of it.

Imaging Tests

After the general location of the injury is ascertained, the doctor will then order any number of imaging tests so that they can get a look at the actual injury itself. Anything from an X-ray to an MRI or CTS test may be used.

Reflex Check

The doctor will also check your reflexes as well as your ability to stretch so that they can determine the level of physical therapy that they can prescribe for joint pain treatment in Phoenix, AZ. If you believe you are suffering from ligament or tendon damage, please contact QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella). For more positive reviews, click Trustindex and Yelp.