Trouble With The Law? Look To Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd for Help

If you’ve gotten yourself in trouble with the law, you need to get an attorney. This is most the important thing you can do for yourself, especially if this is your first offense. Some of the crimes below are just some of the things you need Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd for.

* Felony or misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor offenses.

* Theft.

* Arson.


* Assault and Domestic Violence.

* Drugs, including trafficking, possession including marijuana, cocaine and meth.

* Distribution, manufacturing or sale of drugs.

* Juvenile crimes.

You can’t always rely on an appointed attorney. Why? You do not get to choose one, it is chosen for you. You never have a chance to see if they are going to listen to you and fight for your rights. It’s like having a doctor operate on you that you have never met and know nothing about. Going into a court room and just pleading down to a lesser charge, when you are innocent, is not always the way to go.

Qualified Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd will listen to you, review your case, go over options for acquittal, decide how to plea, or take the case to trial. For example, if you are a first time offender, you do not want something to linger on your record forever. Maybe it was a misunderstanding of law enforcement, or maybe you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. These are all points that Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd will listen to and review.

Many Domestic Violence charges come during divorce proceedings. Having a conviction for a Domestic Violence charge on your record could get you fired from your job, jailed, removed from your home, limit potential jobs in the future, and will restrict security clearances in the private sector and the military. A  conviction could also prohibit you from owning or carrying a gun, even if it’s for hunting. It could potentially haunt you for the rest of your life.

Don’t sit idly by and think you’re going to tell the judge what happened or that you’ll just plea down to a lesser charge. Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd will help select the best course of action for you and your future.

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