Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Cable Installation In Ohio

The demand for fiber optic cable installation in Ohio and across the United States has skyrocketed due to the quality of signal possible over long distances with the cable. With the increasing demand for this type of specialized installation, many service providers have jumped into the market but lack the experience and understanding of the challenges of working with this type of cable.

The good news is that choosing a top fiber optic cable installation provider in the state eliminates the need to troubleshoot. These companies will continually test the cable during the installation process, immediately being able to identify possible issues and correcting the problem as the installation progresses.

The Difference

Most companies offering telecom types of installations are used to working with standard wire that is made of copper. Copper wire is highly flexible and very accommodation for some rather rough treatment during the installation process.

This is not true of fiber optic cable, which is made from thin threads of glass or plastic about the diameter of a human hair. While it is flexible and can bend, it can also be easily damaged by stress on the cable. This stress can include repetitive bending or extreme types of bending or crimping of the cable as well as pulling on the cable.

Testing the Cable

A top fiber optic cable installation service will be able to test the fiber optic cable using the latest in technology. These tests are typically completed to ensure that cable splicing is correct and all connections of the cable to the panel are correct and allowing for optimal signal transmission.

The sensitivity of fiber optic cable and even issues such as oil or dust in connectors can lead to inconsistent signal strength. Companies with experience take care to avoid these problems, as well as splicing issues, to streamline the installation process and prevent the need for troubleshooting.

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