Troubleshooting Potential Tension Transducer Issues

Despite the important role the tension transducer in providing consistent tension on a web film machine, these are actually very stable components that are rarely the cause of problems with the system. As with any component, they do have a normal life cycle and will need to be changed out as they fail, just as every other component on machines and equipment.

There are several factors that can influence how long or short the usable life on any tension transducer. The higher the quality of the part by a reputable manufacturer, the less risk there is with early failure. However, as with any type of equipment, the operating conditions must be kept within the stipulated ranges to ensure optimal performance.

The Maintenance Issue

In some cases, failure to maintain the recommended maintenance on the equipment can put additional load on the transducer and the load cell. This can result in poor functioning and performance. Cleaning and performing the maintenance steps may correct the problem and should be continued on as recommended by the manufacturer.

In some cases, the damage done to the electronics and the performance of the load cell may be significant. This is often the case if the load cell has been used outside of its maximum capacity or if there has been repeated shock to the load cell. Replacement may then be the best option in these situations.

Issues With Change

It is also not uncommon for the film used in the web film system to change. This can occur when companies change suppliers or even when individual manufacturers change their film specifications.

Resetting the web tension system to adjust for these changes should bring the tension transducer back into the correct configuration. Of course, other adjustments may also need to be made across the system that reflects this change in film characteristics.

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