Trust in Cigars with a History of Excellence

From their early start in the United States, Perdomo cigars have become an unparalleled cigar that is backed by three distinctive terms, excellence, quality and tradition. These pillars of success have been handed down from one generation to another, with a third being groomed as the future heir. Perdomo has created a lasting legacy with their superior, hand-rolled cigars lighting the way. You can trust this brand of cigar to give you a full and robust flavor that has been attracting cigar aficionados from all over the world for many years. Today the company owns a manufacturing operation that is based in Nicaragua. The 88,000 square foot building is the second largest facility that is known for cigar making in the country. The actual headquarters for Perdomo are situated in the city of Miami Lakes in Florida.

Quality Cigars Prized for Their Flavor

One of the most sought out cigar brands is Perdomo. They have a sweet and mild flavor that has a hint of spiciness to give them distinctive character. When you hold one in your hand, they feel like they are the perfect weight with an appearance that is very attractive to cigar lovers. Being hand rolled gives these cigars a smooth and flawless look that make smoking a Perdomo pure bliss. They are perfect for smoking at any time of the night or day. If you want to get the most out of this prestigious smoke, then try enjoying a Perdomo cigar after a meal, or when you are enjoying drinks to relax during your evening.

High End Quality at an Affordable Price

One of the main reasons Perdomo is known to be an appealing and exquisite cigar is that they are affordable without losing their balance of high quality. There are many mild flavors that can be savored from the first time you draw from this flawless cigar, your palate will be flooded with distinct and aromatic flavors. When you are ready to start smoking a cigar that is reliable and affordable, the Perdomo brand is a perfect selection.

Enjoy a Smooth Draw

When you want an excellent draw that is smooth and ends with an earthy finish, you want a Perdomo cigar. You can pair these superb cigars with the drink of your choice such as an espresso to truly enjoy the experience. The full and robust flavors of these cigars will amaze you and become a fast favorite.


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