Two Basic Types of Concrete Culvert Pipe

Culverts are a common means of allowing water to flow unimpeded from one side of a road, trail or railroad to the other. Usually embedded in the soil, it is frequently constructed from concrete, although corrugated metal is another possibility. Available in diverse shapes, a concrete culvert pipe remains a popular means of directing and controlling water in places throughout the United States including Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.

Basic Concrete Culvert Types

When construction and manufacturing companies opt for concrete to provide the material for culverts, essentially, they can choose from one of two major types. These are:

1. Precast: Available in 8 standard shapes, precast concrete pipe falls into 5 specific classifications for strength including arch and circular. Manufacturers rank them according to a number with the higher numbers indicating, the stronger types of concrete pipe. They also come in diverse sizes and shapes including arch, pipe, and bridge.

2. In Situ or Cast-in-place: A reinforced concrete culvert pipe may fall into this category. If so, they tend to be in one of two shapes:

a. Rectangular: This type is the most common. Constructed from multiple barrels it can handle longer spans.

b. Arch-shaped: These, as the name suggests, are in the shape of half-circles. They also have a concrete floor as a base. Arch-shaped culverts are common where the flow follows a narrow passage.

When Tennessee contractors consider the advantages of one over the other, it boils down to two: time and design. It is faster to produce and install a pre-cast culvert pipe. However, when you want a culvert to fit the specifications of a certain site, in-situ is better.

Concrete Culvert Pipe

Concrete culverts come in a variety of shapes sizes and styles. They have diverse classifications for strength. In Tennessee, as in the rest of the globe, most contractors choose between two basic options. These are precast or in situ concrete culvert pipe.

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