Two Questions Homeowners May Have Before a Roof Installation in St Paul

Sometimes, a leak in a roof can be repaired. However, if the roof is well past its expected lifespan, it’s time for the homeowners to start thinking about roof installation in St Paul if they have not already done so. If this is the first time the property owners be dealing with a roofing issue, they probably have questions to ask the contractor.

How to Prevent Dark Streaks

The homeowners may have been troubled by certain developments that occurred over time on the existing roof. For example, dark streaks may have developed and marred the aesthetic quality of the structure. Contractors providing roof installation in St Paul understand that these dark marks are caused by a certain kind of algae growth. Even though this looks like mold, it is actually a blue-green plant that thrives in warm, humid conditions that are common in this region in the summer.

If these homeowners were going to have the roof repaired instead of replaced, the algae could be removed with a solution of bleach and water. To prevent algae from growing on the new roof, the contractors can add strips of zinc or copper near the roof peak. Metal molecules that wash off these strips when it rains kill any algae that have started to grow. Some homeowners like the look of copper, but it costs significantly more than zinc.

The Placement of Extra Insulation

The customers of a company such as Builders & Remodelers, Inc. may want to ask about having extra insulation placed under the new roof. Since the roof has been leaking, some of the decking may need to be replaced and at least some of the existing insulation has probably gotten wet. Any wet or moldy insulation must be removed before new insulation can be added.

A sturdy, fully functional roof is essential for protecting a home against storms, rain, and heavy snow. A leaking roof creates the risk of water damage inside the house, including the insulation, ceilings, and walls. Mold can start to grow and pose a health hazard. Homeowners who need new installation may learn about us at the website.

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