Two Species of Ants That Might Invade Your Home in Naples, FL

Ants are some of the most annoying pests that can get into your home. They travel in armies so once they’re inside, it can be an all-out war trying to get them out of your home. In Naples, there are two species of ants that keep professional residential pest controls in Naples, FL, busy. Here is what you should know about them.

Ghost Ants

Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricus), more commonly known as ghost ants, are tiny, pale-colored ants that can be hard to see. They can’t survive in freezing weather which is why Florida is a great home for them. One of the big problems with ghost ants is that they are very adaptable with their nesting habits. This means that they have no problem nesting inside of your home! They have medium to large-sized colonies, and they are attracted to sweet foods and water.

Big-Headed Ants

Pheidole megacephala (Fabricius), also called big-headed ants, have big heads as you’ve guessed. These ants are bullies in the ant world. They will march in and displace other species of ants from their homes. What the big-headed ant wants, the big-headed ant gets. While they prefer to nest in soil, they are attracted to sweet foods and will boldly march into your home to get it.

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