Types of CDL Truck Driving Jobs

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

What type of CDL truck driving jobs are you interested in pursuing? The most popular and well known of all the CDL jobs is the OTR driver. Even within over the road trucking companies, though, there are other types of driving jobs available. If you are a new driver with less than one year’s experience, you are still honing your driving skills and may find that your choices are somewhat limited. Specialized truck driving jobs require experience. This is understandable and for good reason. However, knowing what is available in the industry is useful to help you plan and reach your future goals.

OTR Drivers
Over the road trucking is what most truck drivers begin their careers doing. OTR drivers haul dry goods all over the country. They travel irregular routes which means they are traveling to different destinations with each trip. They are usually away from a home base for weeks at a time and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

LTL Drivers
Less than truckload freight jobs require the driver to make multiple stops for small payloads. The driver carries less than a truckload of goods, usually for different customers, on the same trailer and delivers the shipments to several different locations. Pick-ups and deliveries to terminals, truck-to-truck transfers, and doing your own loading and unloading is typical for LTL jobs. These are more dedicated or regional types of routes and do allow for more home time.

Dedicated Drivers
Many established trucking companies offer fleet services and dedicated routes to their customers. For drivers looking to have more time at home, getting assigned to a fleet or dedicated job is an excellent way to accomplish that. Dedicated drivers may be assigned to a specific customer, so they haul the same material all the time, or they may be assigned a single or recurring route. If you like knowing what to expect and where you’ll end up, a dedicated route may be for you.

These types of CDL truck driving jobs barely scratch the surface of what is available to new and experienced truckers alike. Do your research, earn your CDL, hone your skills, and prepare for an exciting career.

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