Types of Floor Coverings

1. Epoxy floor covering. The Family Handyman says it’s durable and capable of taking on plenty of abuse—from chemicals, water, stains, and heavy foot traffic. However, applying epoxy floor coating can present a tough challenge for first-time DIYers. First, you need to mix two formulas to end up with the epoxy. Then you have to get the site prepared beforehand. Uneven surfaces don’t work well with the epoxy coating. Since it tends to highlight any marks or blemishes on the surface, you’ll end up with a garage floor that looks wear for worse instead of the perfect one you’ve had in your mind all this time. Lastly, epoxy dries up very quickly. You typically only have about 20 minutes to apply the coating. Past that and you’ll have to abandon the hardened mass of epoxy and mix yourself a new batch—every single time. You can’t make a huge batch since it’ll harden that much quickly again so you can only mix the formulas in small doses.

2. Concrete stain. Want your floors covering in NY looking like shiny, natural stone? That’s the effect you get with a concrete stain. It needs two coats and must be applied with a roller or sprayer and finally worked into the concrete with the use of a nylon scrubbing brush. Foot traffic can affect your seal though so do a touch-up every two years for excellent results.

3. Sealed concrete floors. They’re basically the same as floor paints, except they’re so much sturdier. You’ll find this easy enough to apply on your floors. All you need is a brush or roller to get the job done. It’s not as tough or sturdy as epoxy, though, so you need to reapply the coating in the next few years, depending on the foot traffic you receive. Heavy foot traffic might mean you’ll need to reapply the coats much, much sooner than you expected.

4. Rollout mats. They’re the easiest to install. If you want something more convenient, this one fits the bill. However, it’s not as durable as epoxy and stains might end up staying forever. They’re also slippery during the winter when your car tracks snow from the outside so make sure you’ve got footwear with rubber soles to keep you from slipping and getting into an accident.

In Conclusion
You’ve got plenty more of garage floor coverings to install so start browsing right here “Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation”! The more you explore, the better your final pick will be.

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