Types of Galvanized Pipe Fittings Used in the Plumbing Industry

If you are a novice plumber who the boss has just sent to order galvanized pipe fittings, then you may be confused by the many different choices available. Understanding a little about each fittings shape and its purpose may help you order the right parts.

Adapters allow you to extend the length of galvanized pipes without completing complicated steps. They can also be used to connect pipes of different sizes together. Make sure that you order the right size for the pipes that you are joining together.

Bushings allow you to join pipes of different sizes where there is very little room. They are usually, but not always, threaded on both the inside and outside, so make sure that you read product descriptions carefully if it is going to matter. You use these when the goal is to create a bigger pipe attach to a smaller pipe. Make sure to consider building codes as they are not allowed in all areas.

Caps and plugs are placed on the end of a pipe that you do not want anything to be able to pass through.

While couplings can be used when joining pipes of different sizes together, they are often used to continue a pipe’s run. You can find female threaded ones along with un-threaded options.

Another galvanized pipe fitting option is elbows. They are used to make a pipe run in a new direction. While 90-and-95 degree ones are the most commonly used, but you can also find elbows with many different angles. Many have a male and a female end.