Types of Landscape Maintenance in Spokane for the Changing Seasons

Executing a landscape plan is the beginning of the process of having a beautiful yard. The next step in the process is maintaining the pristine landscaping of the yard. As plants grow and the seasons change, the needs of the yard also change. Maintenance is needed during these prime growing seasons.

Spring is the time of new growth and new life. Because the plants are soaking up the nutrients at a very fast rate, Landscape Maintenance in Spokane is a necessity. Nutrients need to be added to the soil to meet the needs of the plants. Many of the plants may need to be trimmed to allow for larger blossoms later on in the season. Weeds are also popping up at this time of year and should be tackled early to prevent future invasion.

While growth is slower in the summer season, it is the beginning of the production season. Plants start blooming as the weather dictates. They also need to be trimmed after the blooms have reached their potential. Weeds are prevalent this time of year and more aggressive than ever. If not adequately tackled, they can take over an area. Vine plants also start reaching their full potential and may need extra supports to encourage even more growth. Pests are highly active at this time of year.

Some plants choose the fall season in which to bloom. While this is typically the shortest season, it is also the time to prepare for winter. The landscape maintenance in Spokane includes getting ready for the winter. This may require the trimming of dead branches or cutting back some plants. With the dropping foliage cover, the leaves can take over in some spaces. These leaves can be recycled for mulch at the beginning of the Spring season. It is also time to winterize some items like fountains.

In order to enjoy the yard for the seasons, regular maintenance must be performed. Each season has its own unique maintenance challenges that have to met for thriving plants. Contact us to set up a maintenance schedule that encompasses all of the growing seasons. Maintaining the landscape can provide a thriving yard that can be enjoyed.

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