Types of Warrants in Worcester County, MD

In Maryland, criminal laws require officers to procure a warrant from a judge to conduct arrests and searches. The specifics of the warrants define what the officers are allowed to do and what limits apply. A criminal law attorney can explain details about warrants in Worcester County, MD and the defendant’s rights.

Three Types of Warrants

* Arrest Warrants: An arrest warrant is issued after the officers have evidence that proves probable cause. The warrant provides the officers with the right to take the defendant into custody while following all applicable laws. The defendant must be read their Miranda Rights when they are arrested, and the officers must provide them with access to legal counsel.

* Search Warrants: Search warrants are issued when the officers believe that evidence in criminal proceedings is present on some property. The warrant details the exact property that the officers can search. For example, if the warrant is for a specific residential property, the officers can search that home only. The warrant doesn’t apply to any vehicles that aren’t present at the time of the search.

* Bench Warrants: Bench warrants are issued when a criminal defendant fails to appear in court as directed. The warrant gives all law enforcement officers the right to arrest the defendant on sight. The officers don’t need probable cause to take the defendant into custody.

Does a Law Enforcement Officer Need a Warrant Every Time?

No, all law enforcement officers have the right to arrest a perpetrator in their jurisdiction if they have probable cause. However, the officers will need to provide evidence that shows probable cause once the case goes to court. All strategies used to secure evidence must follow all applicable laws. Any failure to follow the law could lead to a dismissal of the charges.

In Maryland, specific circumstances require law enforcement officers to secure a warrant from a judge. Typically, the warrants are associated with a crime that has happened already. Criminal defendants who need legal assistance for warrants in Worcester County, MD can contact an attorney or visit the website for more info now.

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