Ugly Bathroom? Consider Porcelain Bathtub Resurfacing in St Paul, MN

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Remodeling

Most of us put up with less-than-gorgeous bathrooms because renovations are expensive and messy. However, there is an alternative that offers a range of additional benefits. Businesses like Urban Bath Co. offer upgrade-in-place services that include vanity, tile, and porcelain bathtub resurfacing in St Paul MN. They can save you time and money and help you avoid complicated projects.

Resurfacing Is User-Friendly

Anyone who lives in an apartment building or condo knows how disturbing renovations can be. A typical bathroom makeover can take weeks and involve drilling, sawing, and pounding. In contrast, Porcelain Bathtub Resurfacing in St Paul MN is typically completed in less than 2 days. Many customers can use their tubs within a day. Since technicians never have to move your original tile or tub, there is less noise and inconvenience for clients and their neighbors. Technicians use industrial-strength equipment to vent fumes as they work. The businesses also make it easy to arrange services and many include a “Contact us” form on their websites.

Professionals Can Revitalize Entire Bathrooms

In addition to tub resurfacing, specialists can give new life to vanity tops, sinks, counters, and tiles. They also offer a range of options for each service. Clients who want to upgrade tubs can choose from finishes that include cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, and cultured marble. Experts can refinish wall, shower, and floor tiles. They restore pedestal and single or double-bowled sinks. Professionals remove shower doors and install new ones. Their liners are available in a wide variety of colors that range from bright white to Tuscan Tan. Materials often provide the look of natural stone.

Refinishing Offers Affordable Quality

A bathroom renovation is not only time-consuming, it is expensive. Complete makeovers typically involve removing tubs, enclosures, tiles, and more. Refinishing, however, can turn baths into showrooms for a fraction of the cost. Technicians use very high-quality preparation, etching, and paint products to upgrade bathrooms without removing original fixtures. They have the experience and training to resurface virtually any type of tub.

Homeowners who want to upgrade older bathrooms can avoid expensive, time-consuming renovations by working with refinishing experts. These professionals have years of experience resurfacing tubs, sinks, vanities, tiles, and more. They work quickly, offer quality products, and provide exceptional craftsmanship.

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