Understanding How to Purchase Bitcoin With a Bank Account in the US

If you attempt to purchase Bitcoin online, you will often be prompted for a credit card. Purchasing the cryptocurrency is often done through a credit card payment, but it does not have to be the only way that you buy Bitcoin. If you are interested in a way to buy Bitcoin with a bank account, this article will reveal the top three things you should know about the process.

Find the Right Online Exchange or Kiosks

Bitcoin works so well as a cryptocurrency because there is not a single place that you can purchase it. There are multiple Bitcoin marketplaces online and Bitcoin kiosks that you can choose to purchase Bitcoin from, so if you are looking for one that allows you to buy Bitcoin with a bank account, simply look for the marketplace or kiosk that will allow you to do so.

Determine the Transfer Method

In order to buy Bitcoin with a bank account, the money will need to be transferred from your bank account. When you look for the right type of marketplace or kiosk, ask how the transfer will be done. Some will use an ACH bank transfer, while others will use a SEPA transfer. The type of transfer will determine how long it will take for the transfer to be complete so you can access your Bitcoins.

Ask What Fee You Will Pay

Different types of transfers and marketplaces will charge different fees. Make sure you are comfortable with the fee you are being asked to pay before you agree to a bank transfer.

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