Understanding Intensive Outpatient Addiction Therapy in Denver, CO

Outpatient addiction therapy in Denver, CO provides numerous advantages for men and women who understand they need help. The structured programs allow participants to continue fulfilling their daily responsibilities while receiving comprehensive treatment. Not everyone is able to spend 30 days or more in an inpatient program.

Family Therapy

Group therapy with immediate family members often is important because everyone has been affected by their loved one’s addiction. They may have become codependent, unwittingly enabling the person to continue drinking excessively while frequently expressing negative emotions about the problem. Counseling during an intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO helps everyone start to heal and respond to one another more authentically.

Building Life Skills

All rehab programs address building essential life skills to stay on the recovery path. The advantage of outpatient addiction therapy in Denver, CO is empowering the participants to begin practicing those skills immediately in real-world situations. They learn how to cope with stress and manage circumstances in which they typically would indulge in alcohol. Now, they make healthier choices that help them maintain sobriety.

Extended Treatment

An intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO is generally more affordable than inpatient service. Men and women can continue participating as long as they feel the need to. There’s no need to transition from beginning recovery in a rehab center to continuing the journey at home. The extended service provides support for preventing relapse during this crucial time period.

With a flexible treatment schedule, participants receive necessary therapy while fulfilling work and family obligations. Information about therapist Taylor Kucensky, M.A., LPCC, can be viewed at infocuscounselingdenver.com.