Understanding Lemon Laws in Tennessee Is a Protection for Consumers

In Tennessee, Lemon Law covers drivers with a vehicle that has a defect or major issue within the first year of ownership or during the warranty. The Tennessee Lemon Law goes into effect if the vehicle cannot be repaired after repeated attempts, typically three years, by an authorized dealership or by the manufacturer.

However, according to the Tennessee Lemon Law, a car does not necessarily need to have the same problem occur three times to be considered a lemon. If your car is in the shop for 30 days or more during its first 12 months or during the warranty period, whether consecutive or not, it may be possible to file a claim under the Tennessee Lemon Law.

If the consumer prevails, the manufacturer is responsible for paying legal fees, attorney fees, and covering any compensation that the victim receives. In most cases, if a person submits a claim and they lose, they pay nothing out of pocket. If they win, the expenses are covered by the manufacturer. The nice thing about working with a lawyer is that an average individual is going to be able to compete legally against multibillion-dollar automobile manufacturers.

Lemon Laws can apply to both purchased and leased vehicles. This includes motorcycles. However, used cars are not covered under the Lemon Law in Tennessee.

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