Understanding The Importance Of Palm Tree Service

A palm tree adds a tropical flair to any yard. That is why the tree is so popular with homeowners. There are over 2500 species of palms and the large trees are popular in many states. Palms are grown around the world so they thrive in varying temperatures. They prefer warm weather but can tolerate cooler temperatures at night. Further, there are some palms that survive in snow. Whatever your preference in palms, proper maintenance and handling is a must.

Palms are picky about the earth beneath them. Most species like acid or alkaline soil. However, the soil should have excellent drainage. Additionally, trees from desert climates do not require a lot of watering. Others may need watering once a week. Plant experts advise those who mix palms to group them by watering needs. Ideally, a dose of complete fertilizer should be applied four or five times a year. Most homeowners need palm tree service from time to time. Palms need to be pruned like other trees. It is recommended to hire professionals for taller palm trees. Gardeners use saws to remove the faded leaves or fronds. In addition, leaves need to be cut close to the trunk. Avoid puncturing the trunk which causes severe tree damage.

Experts know that palms are very susceptible to disease. Therefore, tools should be disinfected after finishing with each tree. Removing the dead leaves also prevents spiders from living in the tree. Remember, herbicides should never be used on palms. The leaves will turn brown and fall off quickly. There are those who use palm tree service for decorative purposes. It is quite popular to make diamond cuts when pruning. The top of the tree ends up looking line a pineapple.

Winter can be a critical time for preserving these trees. Some palms can handle cold temperatures and others cannot. If temperatures are falling, try draping a sheet over the tree to protect it. If the tree is too large, try using a propane heater. In addition, watering the trees before cold weather is beneficial. This traps heat in the soil which protects the trees. If your palms need professional attention, call Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.