Understanding What FDA Approved Diet Pills Really Means

The FDA or Federal Drug Administration is responsible for approving medications used to treat specific illnesses and conditions. This includes the specific prescription medications or FDA approved diet pills that have been created and tested to promote weight loss. Herbal supplements, including herbal weight loss pills and energy pills, are not formulated to provide a specific treatment, so they don’t fall into the FDA drug oversight.

Comparing FDA Approved Diet Pills and Herbal Supplements

However, FDA approved diet pills do exist on the market today. These are available by prescription only, and all have significant side effects to consider. It is essential to understand that FDA approved diet pills are only considered safe until proven otherwise. There are several different weight loss drugs that obtained FDA approval only to be recalled when deaths and serious health issues were linked to use.

The alternative, and one which is safer and more effective, is to use natural supplements produced in an FDA approved facility. These facilities use the most advanced standards in quality control and production, but they use herbal ingredients and are not marketed to treat a specific illness or medical condition. Then are not FDA approved diet pills, but rather highly effective, researched and studied diet products.

Taking the Test

For most people trying to lose weight unless there is a BMI or Body Mass Index of 30 and an associated health condition, FDA approved diet pills will not be prescribed. The doctor may recommend exercise, a specific diet, or a combination of services, which are not typically covered by insurance.

Individuals with more than a few pounds to lose, and after consultation with a doctor, may want to consider an alternative to the FDA approved diet pills as a highly effective option. A natural supplement with 100% natural products and no side effects can only help to support weight loss, and these supplements can often meet or exceed the results expected with FDA approved diet pills.

These supplements can help to boost metabolism, burn fat, curb food cravings and appetite and help with boosting the positive neurotransmitters in the brain, helping people to stay positive and focused throughout weight loss.

For most people trying to lose weight, alternatives to FDA approved diet pills are just as effective. They are also lower cost, available without a prescription and are highly effective for short or long term use.

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