Unleash Their Imagination With Fun Kids Umbrellas

Nothing can turn a smile into a frown more quickly than a rainy day, that is unless you tell the kids they can go out and splash around in the gutters. This might be unconventional, but you know you did it too, so why not let them have a little fun when the weather is less than perfect. As long as you arm them with kids umbrellas designed to keep them dry even though they look like toys, they’ll be protected from the head down. Never mind the soaking feet.

Sized for Kids

The point of a bumper shoot is kept you dry when it’s raining, but you knew that. What you might not have considered is that handing your child a full-sized adult umbrella is likely going to result in a drenched little one. Your umbrella is bigger and bulkier than what your child can handle, and it doesn’t do either of you any good if he or she can’t open it and has trouble handling it once it is unfolded.

Kids umbrellas are smaller, but still able to protect your children from the rain. Their canopies are lesser in dimension, and the overall weight of umbrella is lighter. A quality child’s bumper shoot will also have a way to open and close the canopy without pinching little fingers, as you have no doubt done yourself when wrestling with your umbrella.

Designed for Kids

Most importantly—to your children anyway—kids bumper shoots are designed for little ones beyond their size and ease of use. Bright colors, playful animals and insects, polka dots, Southern parasols, all of these things make up adorable rain gear sure to please even the pickiest of children.

If your child’s favorite animal is a dog or cat, why not get him or her an umbrella with a canopy that unfolds into the perfect canine or feline protective force. Insects, such as ladybugs and butterflies, also make for a fun bumper shoot for a little girl, and your boy will be “too cool for school” with a scary shark swimming in the rain atop his protective gear.

Imagination is the name of the game when entertaining children, and playful kids umbrellas that open into something more than a single-colored tent will bring them joy as they trudge to school on a wet morning. In fact, they will love their specialized umbrellas so much, they won’t notice that they are smaller, lighter, and designed to avoid harming little fingers during opening and closing.

Kids umbrellas must be as adorable as they are useful; otherwise, your little one isn’t going to want to carry and use it.

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