Update Your Fire Safety System

When you want to be sure that you will hear the fire detector and smoke alarm go off, our hard wired fire detectors are the right choice. We manufacture the best fire detectors available. Our products include detailed instructions on how to properly install them. You can install the fire detectors yourself or hire a handyman or electrician to do it for you.

Even if your home does not currently have hard wired smoke detectors, it is a good idea for you to upgrade. Hard wired smoke and fire detectors are designed to go off in unison. This means that if one of the devices detects smoke or fire, they will all give an alarm. Being able to hear the sound of the fire or smoke alarm could allow you to save your life and the lives of the people you love.

When you have an early warning that there is smoke or fire somewhere in your house or building, this gives you more time to safely escape. We recommend hard wiring of smoke and fire detectors for single-family homes, duplexes and multi-unit residential properties. We also recommend these systems for commercial use. Landlords and property owners should use them in mixed-use buildings, too. If there is a restaurant or retail space on the ground level and an apartment above it, the residents need to have an early warning if smoke or fire breaks out in the first floor.

When you are considering hard wired fire detectors, let our products be your first choice. At First Alert, Inc., we have decades of experience in manufacturing reliable smoke alarms, fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that perform to the highest of standards. Call us to learn more or visit us online at FirstAlert.com for additional details about any of our products.

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