Installing single or double iron doors is an easy way to upgrade your exterior doors. These doors can be much stronger than other types of doors, are available in a wide range of designs, and can be customized to suit the look of your home. Whether you are interested in stock iron doors or designing a door unique to your home, look for a company that manufactures high-quality iron doors.

Single Versus Double

Depending on your floorplan or existing exterior doors, you may be interested in a new single iron door or double iron doors. If you feel that double doors will be too wide or do not want to widen your main entrance, look for a single iron door. A single door can be less imposing than double doors, but may look out of place on some homes. Base your decision on the look you desire and how much adjustment will be required.

Stock Versus Custom

Manufacturers often have a wide variety of different designs of iron doors in stock. You might start by browsing stock designs to see if a door design you love already exists. Custom-designed iron doors may require that you wait longer and pay more, but are likely to achieve the perfect fit and look for your home.

Self-Installed Versus Professionally-Installed

Many of the advantages of iron doors, from durability to efficiency and strength, depend on proper installation. It is not difficult to install iron doors, but you might want to rely on a service that specializes in iron doors unlimited to provide a perfect fit.

There are many ways to upgrade your exterior doors, whether you choose a single iron door or double iron doors, a stock or a custom design. If you are replacing exterior doors in a larger remodel or just getting a new front door, the right iron door can increase your satisfaction with your home. Contact Iron Doors Now for more information!