Upgrades to Include During New Home Construction Instead of Waiting

House builders in North Port can add upgrades and customization to floor plans customers find in books or online. Consumer experts encourage property owners to include certain upgrades they really want rather than try to make those changes later. Some are especially inconvenient, difficult or expensive to tackle as a remodeling project. New home builders can include them now.

Master Bath Upgrades

Upgrades by new home builders to the master bathroom boost homeowner satisfaction right from the first day. Features like ceramic tile flooring, oversized showers with frameless doors, and standalone bathtubs are examples. Having two sinks instead of one streamlines the process for two people of getting ready to go to work or go out in the evening.

Rough-In Features

The customers may want to have the attic or upper level of the garage finished in the future. They should make sure their builders in North Port install the rough-in electrical wiring and plumbing that will be needed.

Homeowners often want to at least have another bathroom installed some years after the house has been constructed. Since most homes in this part of Florida don’t have basements, the property owners must consider where they will probably want this room to be located.


Contractors generally install a standard amount of insulation that is required by code. The customers may want to request additional insulation or a higher-quality material. Summers are long and hot, and better insulation makes a significant difference in electric bills. The building contractor Reese Homes can be learned about at reese-homes.com.