Use Expert Water Damage Removal In The Event of A Flood

It can be frightening to come home and find the house flooded. Experts recommend turning the electricity and water off before going inside. Next, call a 24-hour flood remediation company. These professionals work with insurance companies to dry up the water and make necessary repairs. Keep in mind that some flood water can be dangerous. Category One is clean water and comes from things like burst pipes. Category two is gray water which may be contaminated. Examples include washing machine waste or toilet bowl water. Category three is the dangerous black water that comes from things like overflowing rivers or sewage systems.

Indeed, residents need Expert Water Damage Removal to keep them safe. Additionally, it does not take long for bacteria to grow when there is a flood. It may be advisable for residents to stay in a hotel until the work is done. In most cases, it takes three to five days to dry a home. Contractors like, Flood Solutions, use special water extraction machines and drying machines. Likewise, technicians use commercial dehumidifiers and meters that measure moisture. Moisture is tricky and water can seep behind walls and into the home’s foundation. If the water goes undetected, mold develops in 24 hours and the foundation can be permanently damaged. No rebuilding should occur until the moisture content is less than 16 percent.

Expert Water Damage Removal companies use specialized cleaners and products that kill mold and mildew. Elderly people and young children are very susceptible to mold spores. Early signs are skin rashes and breathing problems. Most importantly, professionals know what items can be salvaged and which cannot. Wet clothes and some upholstery can be kept. It needs to be machine washed in hot water and detergent. Items that absorb a lot of water, like carpet, pillows, and mattresses should be thrown out. Technicians will make sure to expose subflooring to see if there is water down there. If so, it has to be dried, cleaned and sanitized. Likewise, it is recommended to look behind baseboards for hidden moisture. Your home is a major investment and it needs to be taken care of properly.

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