Used or New Equipment? Which to Use?

All industries, including aviation, need to save money in some way. But it is also essential to maintain safety standards in aviation. This quick guide will tell you when to buy parts new from an aviation fastener supplier and when you can buy them used or re-use old pieces:

1. Old or Classic Aircraft

The AOPA says that it is normal to use older parts for aircraft which are a similar age, although it is more difficult and expensive to maintain them. They also say that aircraft that are out of production are much more difficult to source parts for. You may want to use older components for authenticity but in some cases, it may be wiser and cheaper to have a specialty replacement manufactured on order by a factory.

2. Safety Standards

Each component sold by an aviation fastener supplier needs to comply with strict safety regulations. They may be able to source older or rare parts, but if they fail to meet current safety standards or have been recalled, it is a good sign that they should be avoided and a newer piece of equipment used instead.

3. Wear and Tear

Aviation Today says that some pieces, particularly bolts, are more resistant than others and can be reused if they haven’t completely worn out. Some components are softer or less durable and need to be replaced frequently and cannot be reused. But all aircraft components are exposed to extreme conditions and elements and do wear out naturally over time, so brand new replacements will always be required at some stage.

Whether you use old or new parts will depend on your application, but keeping safety standards and natural wear and tear in mind will help you to make the right decision. If you are in doubt, it is always best to go for the new piece to ensure safety and quality.

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