Uses for Flamed Granite Tile in Folsom, CA

Granite has maintained its hold as one of the most popular materials for home interiors. There are many reasons why this durable stone is still being installed in homes all over the country, even despite its often higher cost. For many it is about its unique appearance and versatility of designs and colors. Every piece of granite is distinctive, so every home that uses it will have a counter top that is unlike any other home around. It is easy to match the shade of tile to any type of decor and it will remain beautiful for decades with the proper care.

Now, not only is granite being used on home interiors, but it has also been recognized as a viable alternative for outside use as well. Flamed Granite Tile in Folsom CA is the perfect option for walkways and around swimming pools, particularly for homes that want as high-end a finish outside their home as they have inside.

Flamed granite is created by applying a flame to the surface of the stone. A high-intensity heat makes the crystals in the natural material become rough and textured by causing them to expand and burst, eliminating the luster they once had. This tile can be used for inside flooring, but most homeowners use it outside. The rough texture makes it a safe option for wet walkways while the durability of the granite means it can withstand even high levels of foot traffic.

Flamed granite tile in Folsom CA is gaining in popularity as a counter top option as well. It offers a different texture and appearance from what many have come to expect. Designers and homeowners who appreciate the unexpected will enjoy the departure from the glossy and sleek counters that granite normally provides. It is possible to have the tiles treated or polished after they are flamed so they will maintain their matte look but not be as rough. The final look, when done professionally, is often leathery in its look and feel.

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