Using a Bail Bonding Agency in Glens Falls, NY for a Domestic Violence Case

When a defendant uses a bail bonding agency in Glens Falls, NY to get out of jail, they have to understand that their release might have very specific conditions. Violating just one of those conditions can get the defendant locked up again. As such, it’s important for people with domestic violence charges to know what they might be facing.


After a bail bonding agency in Glens Falls, NY is used to bail out a defendant in a domestic violence case, the court doesn’t expect the alleged victim to be contacted by the newly released defendant. There will be an order against contacting the alleged victim. Even if the alleged victim contacts the defendant, the defendant can get in trouble by going along with the contact attempt.

Making Matters Worse

A defendant might not think it’s a big deal to violate a court order if the alleged victim is the one who is initiating the contact. The truth of the matter is that the court doesn’t care if it’s the alleged victim that reached out to the defendant. The judge just expects that their order will be followed, and if they find out any violation has occurred, they will revoke the person’s bail. Such a violation could result in new charges.

Letting the Court Know

If an alleged victim repeatedly attempts to contact a defendant, the court should be notified. If there are texts, voicemails and emails, the defendant’s lawyer should get copies and take care of the situation. The attempts to contact the defendant might help the accused in court, but everything must be documented in the right way without violating any court orders.

Staying Out of Trouble

Worrying about the stipulations that the court has attached to their release isn’t the only thing that the accused has to worry about. Any arrests can violate their bail agreement. A person who has a case in the court system will have to make sure they stay out of trouble.

Anyone who needs help getting out of jail or is helping someone get out of custody can contact us. The process can be started as soon as an accused individual has been given a bail amount that can be posted.

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