Using a Cat Boarding Kennel in Everett Saves Pets from Boredom and Mischief

It could be a vacation or a business trip. It could be a family emergency that necessitates an immediate trip out of town. It could even be major work project that keeps one out of the house for long hours every day for a week. Regardless of the reason, the creature who suffers the most for these incidents is not a homeowner, but their cat. In these cases, one should try to find a good cat boarding kennel in Everett to care for their cat until the trip or emergency or project is over.

It’s easy to be skeptical of pet boarding and daycare services and to think that they must be dirty and cramped and full of cages-;analogous to jails for puppies and kittens. It’s fine to just leave the cat at home with two litter boxes and a large bowl of food, right? Or, at least, to have a neighbor stop in to refill the food bowl and tidy up once a day. But, how much better off will a pet be at home, where it is likely to be lonely and bored and to get up to mischief than it would be at a Cat Boarding Kennel in Everett where it could be climbing, playing with other cats, and being petted and cared for consistently? Some kennels offer such amenities as jungle gyms, “kitty condos,” scratching posts, and premium kibble. Plus, there are other cats to engage with.

Just as one should be careful to look into any daycare or babysitter one uses to care for a child;one should also be sure that a Business Name is safe and well-regarded. One thing to look for is vaccination requirements. It is a terrible thing to send a pet anywhere that has lax health requirements because the pet runs a greater risk of contracting illness in that case. It is also good to ensure that the people in charge have extensive experience with animals and will treat pets with kindness and affection rather than mere obligation.

Certain kennels have open-door policies and are open seven-days a week. A pet owner should feel free to stop in at any time and ask questions to get a sense of the kennel. After all, it’s essential to feel comfortable dropping off a beloved cat.

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