Using A Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM

When someone is going through a divorce, obtaining a Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM may be necessary if children are involved in the split. Often each party will wish to have primary custody of children, making the divorce proceedings a bit more involved as a result. Having an attorney is a great way to ensure that the children are cared for properly throughout this event.

When fighting for custody, there will most likely be a mediation session required beforehand. This could be done with the attorneys present, or each party can go in with a mediator to battle over a temporary solution regarding childcare until the divorce is settled. It is beneficial to have an attorney present for this. They would be able to help barter in the behalf of their client to make sure they are getting their fair share of time with the children in the interim between the divorce filing and the divorce court session.

Often parents will have shared custody during this waiting period. One, however, may be given the primary custody title while the other has visitation rights. This would all be determined in the mediation session, so it is important for each party to be completely happy with the arrangements being proposed before signing paperwork signifying their agreement. If an agreement can not be made at that time, the judge will make the decision regarding temporary custody.

When it comes time to go to court for custody, each party will have the opportunity to tell the judge why they believe they should have the custody rights. The judge may require the child to make a statement in what they would like as well if they are old enough to make a decision impartially. Each person would have their lawyer available to help prove why they would be the better person to have primary custody and the judge would make the final determination. If someone is in need of a Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM, they can visit the website of a reputable law firm dealing with this type of situation.

The Carter & Valle Law Firm is one law firm that handles child custody cases. Their site can be visited, and an appointment could be made if desired.

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