USPS Software Solutions That You Should Consider

Business owners understand the difficulty of sending mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). It can be tricky to understand all the subtle rules that aren’t posted anywhere to get your mailings sent out quickly and properly. However, there are many great solutions out there with the help of different software options, including MaxCASS, MaxMover, MaxPresort and more.


With MaxCASS, you have certified software that standardizes delivery addresses, customer databases and updates mailing lists. You can use it to process large lists or use it as a quick address look-up. This can help tremendously because you will have access to ZIP+4 codes, carrier route codes and much more.


Solutions such as the MaxMover provide you with updated address information regularly and is compliant with USPS regulations. This means that you can mail your postcards and other items with assurance that they will reach the intended people. You won’t have to worry about mail being sent back to you or thrown away because it was addressed to the wrong person or to a person not at that address.


If your business handles a lot of bulk mailings, MaxPresort can help you by presorting all types of mail, including marketing parcels, letters and flats. It will also presort the mail into allowable levels so that you can save money by getting USPS discounts. Whether you use bulk mailings as a marketing campaign or you service others who bulk mail a lot of items, this software can help.


View.dat solutions go along with the MaxPresort. Once you have presorted your mailing lists and letters, you can use the View.dat software to validate and view mail.dat files that were created during the presorting process. The USPS prefers you to do this on your own if receiving postal discounts.


MailAssurety is one of the many software solutions that work with both the MaxPresort and the View.dat software. This is a Mail.dat software that can work with web-based editors so you can edit your post-presort files. This can help eliminate rerunning the presorting program if changes need to be made.


If you dislike all the paper used in business, myPaf could help. It will turn paper systems into an automated paperless system for form completion, electronic storage, approval and more. You can use this software in-house or hosted from the company.

USPS Software solutions from Anchor Software allows you to send out mailings like a pro, getting your items sent exactly where they should be with little to no worry.

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