While technology advances, security risks increase as well. That’s why organizations should maintain a strong security system to protect data and other business assets. Now, you might be unsure whether to hire a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) or an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Below, we’ve presented the benefits of vCISO and CISO to help you make well-informed decisions.

vCISO Benefits

Lower Costs

An in-house CISO earns an average of about $229,000. Meanwhile, hiring a vCISO lets you save up to 40%. Thus, it’s a great option, especially for small and mid-sized businesses that need to use their limited funds wisely.

Higher Level of Expertise

Employees in smaller organizations usually fulfill different responsibilities. They have limited security training and are often generalists — not IT security specialists. Thus, you can’t expect them to handle complex security issues. With a vCISO, you’re confident that they have the necessary skills and expertise to maintain security.

Limited Turnover

Hiring a vCISO also helps reduce the turnover of full-time employees. Because transitions from one employee to another are mitigated, you can ensure that security measures and programs are followed.

CISO Benefits

Better Customer Perception

Getting an in-house CISCO makes you look better than organizations that don’t have one. In turn, it will positively affect your marketing efforts and attract more customers.

Higher Focus

Getting a full-time CISCO means that they can have their full attention on your company’s security. They can also address any security concerns promptly. Meanwhile, a vCISO may need to accommodate several clients.

Stronger Influence

A full-time in-house CISO can help enhance your organization’s security posture. How so? They can maximize their influence on executive management.

Final Thoughts

Both vCISO and CISCO offer several benefits to your organization. However, getting a vCISO is a more practical and cost-effective option while at the same time enjoying the services that an in-house CISO provides. If you want to know more ways to enhance your organization’s security, check out our page!