Voice over IP Software for Small Businesses

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Business Services

Small businesses can often have a tough time keeping up with larger competition because they simply don’t have the same resources and capabilities, especially starting out. Even so, it is still necessary to present the most professional image to clients and competition alike while saving money wherever possible. Voice over IP software is a great way to cut communication costs, take control of the technology utilized by your company, and present a professional point of contact for your clients and partners. How much it costs and the potential benefits to be had will be determined by the size of your company and the technology you already have in place. There are options for almost every situation, so no one has to be left behind in the technological revolution of communication.

How does Voice over IP Software Work for Businesses?

Using VoIP software is actually fairly simple for people who choose a hosted service, because the providers handle all of the technical work and keep things running smoothly. Many times you won’t even be required to purchase and install hardware other than what you already possess. But of course, these services can also provide special phones and hardware to make things run more effectively. It will depend on the money you choose to invest in this venture. If you decide to self-host your Voice over IP software solution, then it will take more work and technical expertise on your side, and it will be your responsibility to keep up maintenance. Many smaller businesses choose to go with a hosted service to simplify the process and begin experiencing the benefits right away. For both, the system will route your internet based calls into the PSTN, or route calls in from the PSTN for you. In addition, calls made within your network will run on your own internet line, and you won’t incur costs for a complicated system of telephone lines to maintain communication between your employees.

What You need to use Voice over IP Software

The most important thing your business needs in order to take advantage of VoIP software is a reliable internet connection. If your internet is choppy or slow, it won’t be strong enough to support a stable internet phone system. It is especially important to have fast upload and download speeds if you plan to have multiple people using the phone system at the same time. Aside from having multiple callers on the same system, your employees will probably also be using your internet to perform other functions as well, or your family if your business runs out of your home. Your internet service and hardware needs to be up to the task of handling the workload. Once you have determined your internet to be strong enough, the rest can be worked out with the Voice over IP Software provider you choose.

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