Want To Be A Lawyer? How To Get Into Law School In Los Angeles

In popular culture, lawyers have a reputation for being untrustworthy, but in reality, most of them do a lot to help good people navigate the justice system and receive damages for crimes that have been acted out upon them, or handle problems with finances. Becoming a lawyer can be a lucrative career, and because there are so many different legal needs, there are many options as to what type of lawyer you become. Regardless of what type of attorney you wish to be, it will require a good deal of hard work and many years of schooling in order to be admitted to the bar.

If you feel that Law School in Los Angeles is right for you, you will need to begin planning early. If your high school offers any criminal justice or civil service classes as electives, it is definitely a good idea to enroll in them. Your choice of undergraduate school is not a major factor in becoming a lawyer, though the more prominent the college you attend, the more opportunities you will have to get into a good law school later on. You will need to major in criminal justice, but you should also consider a double major in a relevant discipline. Some common fields are business or economics for those interested in becoming a corporate or business lawyer, sociology or anthropology for those who are interested in working as an advocacy attorney or dealing in civil rights, and biology or ecology for those who would like to make an impact on environmental policy through law. Speak with your adviser about what fields you might take up based on your interests.

It is also a good idea to be involved in criminal justice clubs or other related activities that are offered at your school. If possible, try to get a job working in a law office as a receptionist or clerk. A good Law School in Los Angeles will want to see that you are serious about studying to become a lawyer and that you have some experience under your belt. Supervisors and coworkers will also be great for networking and references. Not only will this experience and hard work help you get into a law school such as Pacific Coast University , it will prepare you for the rigorous work you will need to undertake on your journey to passing the bar exam.

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