Warning Signs – How to Know When Your Car Needs Serviced

Given the fact that our cars can’t tell us that they’re in need of attention, it can be difficult to determine when to take our beloved vehicles in for a visit to the auto garage. A quick look at this list may tell you if you’re in need of a tune-up – or a complete overhaul.

Look Under Your Car

If you see oil spots or green fluid leaking from your vehicle, you have a problem. Leaking oil damages your vehicle by shortening its lifespan and undermining the engine’s work. Without appropriate lubrication, your engine could overheat or lock up.

Likewise, green fluid beneath your vehicle indicates that your radiator is leaking. This fluid is not only necessary to the function of your car’s cooling system, but a leak could prove dangerous to both your vehicle and your family and pets.

Starting and Stopping

A car that is slow to start may require some maintenance. This can be an indication that your battery is dying, or could signal a more serious problem. If a squealing noise greets you upon starting your engine, you could have a problem with your serpentine belt, which provides power and movement to necessary components such as the alternator and power steering.

Squealing or grinding sounds when coming to a stop mean that your brakes or associated parts are nearing the end of their lifespan. A car without sufficient brakes is a dangerous thing, indeed; if you suspect your brakes need work, have your vehicle serviced right away.

Help is Close at Hand

The best repairs and maintenance are always performed by local specialists who understand how the climate and nearby roads effect your vehicle. For auto repair in southwest Arlington, TX, consult your local garage for information on your specific make and model, as well as for a full diagnostic rundown.

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