Ways to Immortalize Your Beloved Pet

The loss of a pet can be difficult to bear, but the weight of that loss can be tempered by respectful pet memorial services in Delaware County, PA. There are many options for creating a keepsake that represents your pet, so why not consider a photo crystal or custom urn. Here is a look at what these memorials look like and the options available to you.

Frozen in Crystal

Photo crystals have risen in popularity for many uses, including memorials. This kind of tribute comes in multiple shapes and sizes and can be customized to feature your beloved pet and some text. Some shapes include rectangular, cube and heart-shaped and you can usually add up to two lines of text. Some ideas for text include the name of your pet, their date of birth or a favorite quote about your treasured relationship. Crystal pet memorial services in Delaware County, PA, are varied and represent a respectful way to remember your pet.

3D Printed Urns

Cremating your pet is a wonderful way to keep their memory alive in a custom urn. Urns come in many styles and for many purposes from decorative ones you place on a mantel to biodegradable ones suitable for green or water burials. One option that gives your pet new life is a blooming urn that promotes the growth of various wild flowers you can return to year after year. More decorative urns can be in different styles and colors to suit your decor or feature a picture of your beloved pet.

Pet memorial services in Delaware County, PA, are varied and respectful. If you want to create a personal memorial for your pet, there is no better option than a memorial crystal or pet urn. A unique keepsake featuring a photo of your beloved pet is a great option, or you can look at other options. For more information, visit the website.

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