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Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by all the information regarding diamonds and buying yours? We understand how you feel and this is why we offer to bring you into our secure environment and guide you on your diamond shopping experience. We make sure that our clients leave our offices armed with knowledge and the ability to make an informed purchase.

It is always better value to choose your personal loose diamonds in Chicago and have it set into your personal jewellery piece. This allows you to maximize the weight of your diamond as opposed to shopping for that special item in a normal retail environment.

All diamonds are beautiful. Any diamond can be shown to you in the perfect light and it will sparkle and be simply put, beautiful. What you need to know is the combination of Carat weight, Cut, Carat and Colour is what makes your diamond unique. These factors are what give a diamond its characteristics for refracting light.

Our collection of diamonds are GIA and EGL certified and always conflict free. This international inventory of diamonds provides you with a carefully selected compilation, characterizing the perfect balance of presentation and value.

Our Lifetime Upgrade Promise:

This enables you to bring your purchased your diamond jewellery item and apply it towards your new purchase. We provide you with a lifetime buy back of your original piece.

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