What are the requirements to become an EMT?

It’s an admirable job, for sure. Although often the unsung heroes of the world, EMTs are known for their ability to tolerate stress and respond to crises with competence and a clear mind. How do they do it? Training. No one is born into this position. You have to work hard and train hard to be an EMT. That courage and level of skill you notice on the job is largely due to the confidence that comes from having completed rigorous EMT training courses.

EMT training does vary, because there are different types of EMTs. Different companies might also require different levels of EMT training competencies, with Alert Ambulance only hiring fully licensed EMTs who have demonstrated experience and competence in responding to emergencies.

Training can last anywhere between six months to three years, depending on the career trajectory the EMT wishes to take, and whether there are other services the EMT is training for simultaneously. For example, some are also studying to become registered nurses. In some areas, EMT training can be divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced paramedic training to help service providers distinguish between different skill sets and send only the appropriate response teams on the scene. Paramedic training is a step beyond EMT, as paramedics are able to administer IVs, some drugs, and some emergency medical procedures they have been trained to do. Many of the EMTs who work at Alert Ambulance eventually go on to receive their paramedic training when they realize how rewarding this line of work can be.

Saving lives is no easy business. But someone’s got to do it. If you think you have what it takes to become an EMT, why not look into some training programs near you. You can always rely on Alert Ambulance for hiring only the best EMTs out there.