What Are the Steps Taken by DUI Lawyers in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a Case?

DUI Lawyers Wilkes-Barre PA, can be a great asset for a person who has been arrested and charged with a DUI, but most people aren’t exactly sure what they will do to help. Below are a few of the steps taken by a DUI lawyer once they have decided to take the case so a person can know what to expect as the case proceeds.

Gathering or Discrediting Evidence

The very first step a lawyer will take is to gather all of the evidence in a case and go through it carefully. They’ll look for anything that can be discredited based on improper procedures, faulty equipment, or other issues. This all helps to improve their client’s case and reduce the amount of evidence against them after the arrest.

Ask for Evidence to Be Suppressed and Case Dismissed

After they have gone through all of the evidence, if they have found any that can be discredited, they will attempt to have the evidence suppressed. If there is not much evidence of the DUI or if there is enough evidence that is suppressed successfully, they might ask the judge to simply dismiss the case. At this point, the person won’t be facing the DUI charges any longer.

Prepare for Trial or a Plea Bargain

If there is not evidence that can be suppressed or if it is not enough and the judge decides to press forward with the charges, the lawyer will decide to have their client accept a plea or go to court. This decision rests on each case’s circumstances and what will be the right decision for the person. In many cases, a plea bargain will be the right option as the person will still be pleading guilty, but it will be for a lesser charge.

These are just the basic steps DUI Lawyers Wilkes-Barre PA, will take and the course each case follows will depend entirely on that case’s circumstances. A person who has been arrested and charged with a DUI should contact a lawyer as quickly as possible to find out what their options are and to see what can be done for their own case. For more information, speak with John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law today.

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