What are the Warning Signs Your Home Needs Electric Service in Westfield IN?

Electricity is a modern convenience no one feels they can live without, but it is not a force to take lightly. When there are electrical problems in a home, the risks of injury and even death are increased. Electrical faults cause thousands of fires each year. It is crucial homeowners are armed with the knowledge they need to ensure they can recognize the warning signs their home needs electric service in Westfield, IN.

There are three warning signs a home will begin to exhibit when electrical failures are occurring. Ignoring these signs could lead to damaged wiring or fires:

  • It is not normal for the lights in a home to flicker on a regular basis, especially if more than one is involved. This typically happens when the electrical system is under great strain and cannot keep up with the demands. This is a problem that should not be ignored. An electrician can come out and inspect the system and do some upgrading to ensure the system can handle the load safely.
  • If the outlets or light switches in a home feel warm to the touch or are sparking, these are signs of problems that need to be immediately addressed. One should never open the outlet or switch to check the wiring. Instead, a homeowner should shut off the breaker that runs that switch and seek an electrician right away so the issue can be properly repaired.
  • One major sign of a need for electric service in Westfield, IN is frequent breaker trips. If a tripped breaker occurs from time to time, this is normally nothing to be concerned over. If the trips are happening repeatedly, the panel or wiring may need to be updated. An electrician can carry out an inspection to find the problem so it can be repaired.

Homeowners who are in need of electric repairs for their home should contact Burtner Electric. They will provide the professional electrician services a home needs to ensure the electrical system is safe and fully functional. Call them and they will be happy to schedule your service call so your issues can be promptly taken care of.


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