What Are Thermal Direct Labels?

A variety of transfer labels exist. Some of them are thermal direct labels. This particular type can provide a number of benefits to users. Most importantly, they provide an opportunity for you to keep costs down. If you have the need for this type of quality, it is important to invest wisely – look to the product’s features and the reliability of the finished label to ensure it is the best possible product for your unique needs. Several key factors play a role in that.

Direct or Not?

Direct thermal and thermal transfer are actually two different methods though both methods use a thermal print head that will apply heat to the surface that is being marked with the image. In direct thermal printing, the biggest difference comes from the lack of ribbon. There is no ribbon used in this method. Rather, the image is created directly on the printed material. This type of printing has the key benefit of reducing overhead costs. It does mean that the image will be more sensitive to light and heat, though. It can be rubbed off slightly more. However, for most applications, it works ideally.

There are a variety of benefits to using thermal direct labels and thermal labels in general. These are an advanced type of technology that works to ensure the very best image possible. There is no ink used. There is no toner. And, you will not need to buy or replace the ribbon. This, of course, cuts the costs down. However, it is important to know that these labels are still very efficient and easy to use. They can be very durable, too. For those that are using direct thermal for printing, having the best quality labels is essential. Thermal direct labels can speed up your operations and reduce your costs right from the start.

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