What Can a Wrongful Death Attorney in Alpharetta Do for You?

If you’ve just had an unfortunate and untimely death in the family, it may be appropriate to seek a wrongful death attorney. It can be difficult to make big decisions about this at this point in your life, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to receive compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Depending on their relationship with you, they may have been a provider of income, insurance, or crucial emotional support. The laws in Georgia are on your side. These laws support the idea that you should receive compensation to help you financially while you cope with this loss.

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death claims have been brought against everyone from individual persons to tobacco corporations. Many of these cases have resulted in damages paid out. A wrongful death is civil by nature, not criminal (such as murder).

In general, you should understand that a wrongful death claim can be brought against a person or organization that has caused death through negligence or misconduct.

Unlike criminal cases, which require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, these civil matters require only a wealth of evidence.

What to Do before Hiring an Attorney

Before officially deciding to hire an attorney, you should speak with an attorney in order to seek legal insight into your case.

In requesting a consultation (which is usually offered without a fee), the attorneys you speak to can examine the facts of your case and determine whether it is worth your time to pursue.

If an attorney does take your case, this is not a guarantee that you will be successful in seeking damages.

For What Can You Be Compensated?

When seeking compensation for damages and for your loss, it can be difficult to understand exactly what you can expect. While an attorney will be able to help you determine this personally, you should know some general facts on this subject.

You can receive compensation for economic damages which include medical expenses related to the death, funeral expenses related to the death, compensation in place of the victim’s compensation, compensation for loss of benefits or inheritance, such as a retirement plan or insurance plan that will not be paid out based on the untimely death of the victim.

What to Look for in an Attorney

Be sure to seek an attorney that provides you with a free consultation. Without this, it will be difficult to determine whether the attorney has the experience or expertise to handle your case.

In that same respect, look for a wrongful death attorney that demonstrably specializes in this area of legal practice.

What can an Attorney Do for You?

The process of seeking damages for such a case is difficult to navigate and requires time and patience. A good wrongful death attorney in Alpharetta will gently guide you through this process, step-by-step.

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