What Can Modern Interior Designers in Denver Do for an Older Home?

Now that the kids are grown, it’s time to update the look of the living and dining rooms. With no idea of where to start, the homeowner turns to one of the Modern Interior Designers in Denver. But, what can such a designer do with a home that is six decades old? In fact, the professional can do quite a bit.

A Brand New Color Scheme

One of the first things that most Modern Interior Designers in Denver will want to do is get rid of that mid-20th-century paneling. While it was functional and worked fine when the kids were growing up, it leaves the place feeling dark and somewhat unwelcoming. If ripping out the paneling will not fit into the budget of the client, there is always the option of painting the panels to create a new look. By using primer followed by a couple of coats of paint, even the darkest paneling can be transformed.

The goal is to use colors that make the most of whatever natural light is entering the space. Doing so will reinforce the impression that the rooms are larger than they happen to be. That sense of openness will go a long way toward making the areas more welcoming.

New Floor Covering

The floors also need a change. The old carpeting can go and be replaced with something that is durable, functional, and also happens to help brighten the space. A neutral color is a good choice since it leaves open the opportunity to pick up all sorts of colors using different accessories.

A Change in Furniture

With the transformation of the walls, the time has come to thinking more contemporary furnishings. While comfort is still the goal, be prepared for the designer to come up with something that is very different from the traditional pieces that were in the rooms before. The result will be a look that is sleek, has plenty of simple lines, and is also easy to maintain.

For anyone who is tired of the same old look and wants to make a change, talk with the team at Post 31 Interiors today. After evaluating the spaces and talking with the client for a little while, it will not be hard to come up with a room makeover that is sure to please.

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