What Can Parents Expect From Dentistry For Kids in Port Orchard WA?

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Online Business

Taking care of a child’s oral health during their youth will help them to have healthy smiles as adults. A big part of that care involves seeking dentistry for kids in Port Orchard WA. Children need to see the dentist a couple of times a year, preferably every six months. Understanding what to expect from these appointments will help prepare parents and their children for the care they will receive.

Teeth Cleaning Is Vital For Healthy Teeth and Gums

A big part of each dental appointment is teeth cleaning. During this portion of the appointment, the child’s teeth are cleaned by a highly trained dental hygienist. The hygienist removes the plaque and tartar from the child’s teeth via special tools and flossing. The child’s teeth will also be briefly examined by the hygienist to ensure there are no obvious oral care issues that need to be discussed with the dentist.

Cleanings need to be carried out twice a year to ensure plaque and tartar do not cause decay in the teeth. At each cleaning appointment, a child’s teeth are also treated with a strong Fluoride treatment that helps to encourage healthy tooth growth while strengthening the enamel so decay is less likely to occur. These treatments, in addition to the use of Fluoride toothpaste at home, can help to keep cavities at bay.

Examinations Allow For Early Detection

In addition to teeth cleaning, children also have their teeth examined by the dentist at each visit. After the age of five, a child will begin having X-rays taken to check for any internal damage to the teeth or problems with the growth of the jaw. Diagnostic tools such as X-rays allow the dentist to find cavities and other oral health issues in their earliest stages when they are most treatable.

With proper brushing and flossing at home, a healthy diet, and dentistry for kids in Port Orchard WA, children can have a healthy smile for life. If it is time for your child’s dental appointment, call the office today and schedule. Regular dental appointments help to protect your child’s teeth for life.

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