What Can You Learn From Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson?

Injuries happen in many different ways and are often the result of another person’s negligence. A personal injury occurs because of the actions of someone or their negligence. Personal injury cases include medical malpractice, slip and falls, auto accidents and other causes. If you feel you were injured because of someone else, you need to get help from Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson. This type of lawyer can help you to pursue a case against the person who is responsible, so you can be compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills and even your lost wages.

First, you will need to meet with your lawyer and go over all of the details of your injury and how it occurred. The more information you can provide, the better equipped your lawyer will be, to represent you through your case. Once the lawyer agrees to take on your case, he or she will go through the discovery process. This involves gathering as much evidence as possible, to prove your injuries and the cause. Your lawyer may gather evidence through an investigative team, to get video and photos of the scene of the accident. The lawyer will also work with eyewitnesses and will have experts to testify.

After the discovery phase, a court case will be filed. Before the court date, your lawyer may decide to participate in a mediation meeting, to see if a settlement may be reached. During mediation, a third-party oversees the meetings and allows both sides to speak and present information. Your case may be able to be settled outside of court, if the mediation meetings are successful.

In the event your case is not settled through mediation, the lawyer will continue pursuing the case in court. Thankfully, you will not be required to pay any fees, unless you win your case. If you do win an award, any fees you owe your lawyer will be taken out of this amount.
To find out more about your rights for pursuing a case for personal injury, visit Clausenmoorelaw.com. Through the Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson, you can have the help you need, to ensure you are able to pursue a case and hopefully win.


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