What Constitutes Proper Sod Maintenance In McLean, VA?

When new homes are built, the lawn areas around them must be seeded or sodded to form an attractive lawn. Lawns that are seeded or ones that are sodded need effective maintenance programs to keep them healthy and green. The correct blend of seeds must be used for each geographical area and soil type. When a lawn area is first installed, it must be protected from harsh weather conditions, traffic, and drying out. New lawns need to have Sod Maintenance in McLean VA.

Installing A Sod Lawn

The beginning of any successful lawn is the proper preparation of the base soil. Heavy equipment is often used to remove a top layer of poor soil and weeds. Then, a thin layer of better-quality soil may be spread over the area, leveled, and compacted in preparation for laying sod. A watering system is installed in this base soil to keep the new lawn hydrated in the future. When the base is prepared, the rolls of sod are carefully laid to form a seamless lawn. Some installers roll new sodding to help it be level and have a better connection to the soil. Now the lawn is watered and needs Sod Maintenance in McLean VA.

Netted Sod Or Premium Sod?

There are two types of sod growing and harvesting techniques. Netted sod and naturally grown sod. The naturally grown sod takes longer to grow and costs more money. The netted sod is produced by laying plastic netting over the field soil before the seed is planted. The grass grows through the netting, hiding it most of the way. This sod is strengthened by the netting and can be harvested sooner and sold for less money. The downside of netted sod is that it is less mature and not as hardy. People with dogs, sports fields, and areas where digging may be done should avoid this type of sod.

Premium sod meets more stringent standards. The seed varieties used must be approved by The University of Maryland and Va Tech. The seed is planted in prepared fields and left longer for roots to mature and form a stronger sod. This sod takes longer to mature for harvest and costs more. Premium sod can withstand more weather stress and is more likely to make a successful lawn. Find more information on the website.

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