What Does a Rosemount Flow Meter Do?

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Industrial Contractors

Flow meters from Rosemount such as the Rosemount 8732 are a trusted brand name amongst engineers and their products carry multiple advantages over other types of flow meter. This guide will tell you exactly why they are such a reliable name brand and some of their advantages:

1. High Pressure Applications

Most engineers need to use their tools and equipment in high pressure situations at times, including high heat, water exposure, and weather exposure. An advantage of Rosemount magnetic flow meters, and especially the Rosemount 8732, is that they are robust enough to be used even in hazardous locations and extreme conditions and still last for a long time without removing the cover and exposing the electronics to these hazardous conditions. This is a main reason why they are so preferable amongst engineers.

2. Failure Alarm

An additional safety feature for certain magnetic flow meters in the Rosemount 8700 series, listed on the online is a failure alarm mode. This is intended if the transmitter experiences a catastrophic electronic failure which may be experienced in the hazardous conditions the meter is designed for and used in.

3. Accuracy

Despite its intended use in hazardous and high pressure conditions, Rosemount flow meters are still intended and designed for high accuracy readouts in all conditions. The casing keeps the equipment free from contamination which could cause an error or an inaccurate reading.

4. Easy to Use

Engineers don’t want to be dealing with difficult equipment in hazardous conditions, so Rosemount flow meters are intended to be easy to install, use, and maintain even within these conditions.

For any application in extreme weather or other dangerous conditions, Rosemount flow meters of any series are robust, accurate, and with additional safety features for accurate read outs in any situation. This is why they are so useful and trusted amongst engineers and are frequently a first choice in flow meters.

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