What Else Needs to be Done For Septic Systems Besides Septic Tank Cleaning in Bremerton WA?

One of the best ways to keep a septic system operating properly is to have it cleaned on a regular basis. Septic companies recommend that customers get tanks pumped every 3-5 years. This keeps the sludge from building up and clogging the septic field. It also helps the tank stay in balance so that everything degrades like it should.

Septic tank cleaning in Bremerton WA is especially important thanks to the state’s rainy season. All of that water makes it harder for many septic fields to drain properly, and if there is too much sludge, they can easily be overwhelmed.

This, however, isn’t all that should be done to keep a septic system working right. It’s also important to keep systems from being overwhelmed by too much water coming from inside the house. Leaky toilets and faucets may not seem to use much water, but in reality, they send many extra gallons’ worth down the drains and into the septic tank every day. Combined with all of the rain coming from the sky, it doesn’t take long for a system to end up waterlogged.

One of the reasons too much water is bad is that it sends material out into the field before bacteria can break it down. It can also make the tank too nutrient-poor to support a good population of bacteria to begin with, which just compounds the problem. Therefore, a good part of septic system maintenance comes in the form of plumbing fixture maintenance.

Another thing that should be done seems like basic care, but in reality, many people encounter problems because of mistakes in this area. That basic care is to avoid parking on the septic field. The weight of cars or trucks will eventually compact the field and make it unable to drain. With a heavy enough truck, damage can happen after just one instance.

Septic companies recommend that homeowners do one more thing in between a company’s: Regularly add a Bio Drain product to the system. This product contains bacteria and enzymes that digest grease and other materials that would otherwise clog drains and septic tanks. Using it can keep systems working when they would otherwise be bogged down.