What Every Business Owner Needs To Know Before Using A Louisville Warehouse

For many new companies or businesses that have rapidly expanded their production or their inventory, looking for warehouse space in Louisville quickly becomes a priority. However, it is important not to choose simply the first warehouse facility you find online or through referral, it is essential to take the time and compare options to see which one is right for your needs.

What is Needed?

When you being to talk to different warehouse facilities, it can be easy to get caught up in a particular service offered by one facility and miss asking about something that you need to have a service or feature. Keep in mind that many of these services may be pay-per-use, so be sure to verify if they are part of the price quoted or an additional cost.

To help overcome this issue, make a list of the things that have to be included in the warehouse to meet your current needs. It is also a good idea to think two and five years down the road and consider what your needs will be in the future. This allows you to talk to the facilities manager and understand their flexibility if the business may need to upsize or downsize.

Consider issues such as bar-coded inventory control, if the warehouse will provide delivery services, when and if you can access the facilities and even the ability to access up to date reports about your items in a timely fashion.

Maintenance and Facilities

Always take the time and see the warehouse facility you are considering for yourself. Look at the level of cleanliness and care taken in storing items, moving items internally, as well as check issues such as proper ventilation, climate control and maintenance.

You may also want to ask for a few references you can call on current or past customers. This can be a simple way to get feedback directly about the quality of customer care and service you can expect when using the warehouse.

Security in the building should also be a priority. Some warehouse facilities are equipped with full close circuit cameras for continual monitoring of the facility, as well as security features for people entering the facility.

Additionally, ask about fire detection and fire suppression systems. Some of the older buildings converted to warehousing may not have these systems in place. top warehouse facilities in Louisville will make security and safety for your warehoused items a priority.

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