What Happens During a Hearing with an ALJ?

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Lawyers

When you are about to attend an appeal hearing for your disability in front of an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ, you need to be ready to answer tough questions. Although the ALJ is not guaranteed to even ask you one questions, most hearings will result in at least one question being asked of the potential/current disability recipient. In most cases, these hearings will take anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Since the hearing can go fast, you need to ensure you pay full attention during the process. If you fail to realize that you’ve been asked a question, the ALJ may just move on, leaving you in a bad position. Try taking notes during the hearing to ensure you respond to any potential questions or concerns the ALJ presents.

If you are to be successful at your hearing, you need to stay on subject and be specific. When talking about your symptoms, limitations, and other medical concerns, you must be as in-depth as possible, without going off into a rambling explanation. Paint a picture of what life is like with your disability to your ALJ, and they may be more sympathetic to your case, and understand your needs more thoroughly.

Never misrepresent yourself during the hearing. By providing false, or even exaggerated information, you put yourself in a bad situation for the future. However, you do not always have to give up facts of your case that may affect the outcome poorly. To properly navigate this aspect of the ALJ hearing, you should always consult a social security disability attorney.

In general, an attorney is the most valuable asset you can have during a hearing with an ALJ. With their past experience, they will know exactly how to navigate you through the process effectively. If you want help that will keep you on task, prevent you from disclosing unnecessary information, and help you put together documents in the way they need to be, hiring a high-quality social security disability attorney is essential.

Need legal help on your case, or when dealing with an ALJ? At Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the benefits they need. If you are a loved one are ready to get your life on a stable path, please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation.

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